Here is a secret.

90% of global hardware comes from Shenzhen.

Not from Munich, or San Francisco, or Krakow, or London. All major electronics manufacturers know this. Apple, Huawei, and Lenovo are just a few tech giants that set up manufacturing here. Because you won’t find such direct access to sources of electronic components, parts and products anywhere else in the world.

Shenzhen is the best place in the world for a hardware innovator to be.

The Economist

The end of an obsolete model.

A short supply chain is essential for production management. The current, knotty distribution processes do not guarantee certain delivery times, and they entail high structural costs with significant consequences on prices. Local distributors have no specific purpose anymore: they in turn buy from other distributors who are targeting the Shenzhen market. The time has come for a new approach, one that protects producers, eliminates unnecessary steps and returns as much direct control as possible over the supply chain.

It’s time to say: I choose Shenzhen


million squared meters of Shenzhen dedicated to the electronics industry


of the world’s electronics comes from here


of the electronics used in US Silicon Valley comes from here


million people live here, whose 50% works in the electronics industry

Who are you?

What are your small things that make a big impact? What do you have in mind, on paper, in your hands? Not all of you are innovators. But you all love the creation process.

This is what makes you feel alive.

If it makes you happy, we would be honored to be part of it – find the most effective and simple way to help you have everything you need.

Our goal

You have a product you really believe in and you want it to work. You do it for your customers, for your hopes. For your tomorrow. We work, regardless of your culture, geographic location and product type, to help you purchase electronic parts, components and products. It is the first step to fulfil your expectations. And And we’re honored to make a small contribution to your success.

How do you get through a crisis?

With enthusiasm.

Building is connecting.

Life, nature, the objects we have in our hands are the result of so many connections. Cellular structures, the rhizomes of plants, the pages of a book: they exist because there are relationship systems behind them. To build is to connect. And we have decided to contribute to the creation process that is most impacting everyone’s lives in this revolutionary era.

Technology will not save the world. But it often amazes us.

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