You ask. We do the research.

We source components, parts and products for companies in the electronics sector. And do you know what makes the difference in the choice of supply chains? Under the same quality, respect for timing and price, customization is pivotal. Each product is unique and so are the minds that design it, the components it is made of, the machinery that assemble its parts. We really are into finding the best possible personalization.

The hardware capital of the world.

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Machines and tools that power processes. Doesn’t sound too poetic. But it is what makes today’s world move, and our contribution here is to guarantee that companies’ expectations are perfectly lived up to. We live in a world that constantly demands precision. Why would it make sense to rely on those who have no control over the supply?


Drones, thermostats, electric scooters, smartphones, air purifiers, washing machines. What do they have in common? A lot. But mostly – they impact on our daily actions, and influence our day-to-day life in terms of usefulness or fun. Our contribution here makes us better people.

Our mission

It is a matter of doing it differently and breaking down the beliefs related to disorganised distribution chains, unable to support electronics manufacturers.

If you have a list of products or components, don’t be jealous. Trust us – we do wish to help you close the circle.

We love networks.

The world of electronics is made of energy, cables, signals, cards, plastic, silicone, light. But without the people, nothing would happen. At ICS we like people and their love for interaction. Here is a non-exhaustive list of our ideal partners. We can empower new changes, together.

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